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This 15–hour course is designed for anyone using or looking to use drones. We cover the operation of various models, hands–on flight practice, uses and applications across industries, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, operational risks, insurance, career opportunities and much more. If you are currently working, or considering a career in real estate, construction, highways, agriculture, insurance, public safety, photography, media, inspection, etc. or want to start a business, you’ll learn how your industry can be transformed in new, cost–effective ways. We will discuss how the citizens of Maine are using these unmanned aircraft in their businesses and how best you can employ drones in your business or start a new one.

Prerequisites: Ability to read and write the English language to at least the eighth–grade level, and comfortable using a computer and internet browser. 

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Women’s R.A.D. Basic Course

with Coreena Behnke


May 2nd to 23rd, 2023

$65 More Info

Coreena, a retired Portland police officer, will guide you through this 12-hour women's only defense training comprehensive self-defense program that teaches women skills and Risk reduction, Awareness/avoidance, and Defense strategies.