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Women’s R.A.D. Basic Course

with Coreena Behnke


May 2nd to 23rd, 2023

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Coreena, a retired Portland police officer, will guide you through this 12-hour women's only defense training comprehensive self-defense program that teaches women skills and Risk reduction, Awareness/avoidance, and Defense strategies.

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Card Making – Stamp a Stack session II

with Rebecca Kostovick


April 26th, 2023

$35 More Info

Students will create five different assorted sentiment cards with materials ready for you to stamp and assemble. Work your way through each station at your own pace, creating two of each for a total of 10 cards with envelopes.

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Investing Basics – Accumulating Assets

with Sarah Blondin


May 9th, 2023

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You work hard for your money. Is your money working for you? Are you confident in your current investment strategy? Join us to learn about the power of compound interest, managing risk, and strategically investing to reach your goals.

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Money, How it Works for Kids

with Sarah Blondin


May 25th, 2023

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Are your kids learning financial literacy? As a parent, you're in the perfect position to help them formulate saving, spending, and investment strategies while developing healthy money attitudes. Join us to learn how!

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Instant Piano (beginner)

with Craig Coffman


May 8th, 2023

$59 More Info

In just a few hours, you can learn enough secrets of the trade to give you years of musical enjoyment. Learn to play piano the way professionals do using chords with this quick lecture/hands-on demonstration. Since this class is being held online with Zoom, you will be able to sit at your piano or keyboard in the comfort of your home with no pressure at all. Since this course includes an online book and with video lessons, you will be able to continue your practice and study on your own. An optional periodic online question and answer session is also included in addition to a recording of the class. 

Topics Covered:

  • How chords work in a song
  • How to get more out of sheet music by reading less of it
  • How to form the three main types of chords
  • How to handle different keys and time signatures
  • How to avoid "counting"
  • How to simplify over 12,000 complex chords
  • and more...
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CPR Section 3

with Charissa Kerr


May 17th, 2023

$60 More Info

The CPR class includes adult, child and infant CPR and AED use, adult, child and infant choking, and how and when to call emergency services. The course cost includes use of the manikins, video, certified instructor, practical components, and a certificate of completion. The video portion has been shortened, and the practical time has been increased to ensure everyone has enough time to gain confidence in their skills. Thisclass is taught to the standards established by American Heart Association. The workbook is not included with this class. If you would like a workbook, please indicateon your registration form. Cost is $10 for the book.