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Video Game Design and Development

with ed2go Instructor


February 27th, 2023

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Video game design and development is challenging, but the rewards are worth it. With this unparalleled comprehensive training course, you'll master skills that open doors to the growing video game industry. By the end of the course, you will have designed and created your own video game for the PC and will stand ready to join a team working on projects with larger scope or pursue independent development. Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game development, this course offers you the opportunity to learn how to effectively implement technical game ideas, assuming no prior training or experience. The curriculum is divided into four major areas of study: Programming languages, mathematic skills, game asset creation, and modern real-time game engines. It will conclude with an independent study phase where you will design, document, and create your own game using all of the programming and game art skills you learned in the core modules. This course is entirely online and is completed at your own pace.

12 Months / 500 Course Hrs
Open Enrollment (start anytime)
Self-Paced lessons to study on your own schedule

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Freight Broker/ Agent Training

with ed2go Instructor

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The Freight Broker/ Agent Training course provides you with the comprehensive training needed to gain valuable knowledge for building a successful freight brokerage or freight brokerage agency. This freight broker training course is designed to educate the student about the foundational aspects of brokering shipments. From learning the laws and terminology, setting up your business, learning about valuable tools and software, contracts and forms, how to find shippers and do ratings, and much more. It will provide you with the knowledge, insight, and direction to help you stand out in this growing industry. You will learn the differences between a broker and an agent, their various duties and responsibilities, and the laws and legal requirements for both. You will also learn how to develop important qualities and skills. Such as, how to set your goals and market yourself, set up and organize your office, record keeping and back-office procedures and how to choose brokerage and operating software. By course completion, you will understand the steps of setting up carrier and shipper packets and contracts, marketing and advertising avenues, rate quotes, how to interact with shippers and carriers to keep lines of communication open, and valuable negotiation skills.

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Beginner Drone Flying: Drone Basics sUAS Flight Training

with Daniel Leclair


April 3rd to 24th, 2023

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This 15–hour course is designed for anyone using or looking to use drones. We cover the operation of various models, hands–on flight practice, uses and applications across industries, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, operational risks, insurance, career opportunities and much more. If you are currently working, or considering a career in real estate, construction, highways, agriculture, insurance, public safety, photography, media, inspection, etc. or want to start a business, you’ll learn how your industry can be transformed in new, cost–effective ways. We will discuss how the citizens of Maine are using these unmanned aircraft in their businesses and how best you can employ drones in your business or start a new one.

Prerequisites: Ability to read and write the English language to at least the eighth–grade level, and comfortable using a computer and internet browser. 

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Medical Transcription Certificate Program

with Academy of Medical Professions

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Medical transcription is a desired field for most people trying to work at home. Strong typing, computer, and English grammar skills are essential. Medical terminology, formats, rules and regulations, jobs,calculation of pay, confidentiality, FTP, and tricks of the trade, all equipment, reference books, and course books areprovided with the course fee. Classes are once a week for 16-weeks with a completion of 16 weeks to 6 month options.This is a State Certified Program and you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation upongraduation, resumes and how to obtain a job are covered in this program. Course includes medical terminology, Anatomy & physiology and transcription. $2650, includes everything for the course and the field.

TO REGISTER OR PAYMENT PLANS CALL: 866-516-8274 or 207-721-0714 or www.

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Computer Basics

with Steve Catanese


April 5th to May 3rd, 2023

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This course is for students who would like to learn the basics of personal computers. Whether you are brand new to computers or tired of being lost and confused, you will be shown the beginning basics of using your home computer. Learn about the desktop, using folders, copy and paste, browsing the internet, using email, mouse buttons, keyboard functions, start menu, and viruses.