Substitute Teacher Training, December 5 session

with SAD17 Instructional Team Member


December 5th, 2023

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Substitute teaching is a way to help your community while earning extra money. This workshop provides in- formation about school expectations, teachers’ lesson plans, and positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS). Persons who complete this course successfully may be enrolled as substitute teachers for SAD 17. (College degree preferred but not required.) Register for only 1 session.

CPR Certification

with Charissa Kerr


December 7th, 2023

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The CPR class includes adult, childand infant CPR and AED use, adult,child and infant choking, and howand when to call emergency ser- vices. The course cost includes useof the manikins, video, certifiedinstructor, practical components,and a certificate of completion. Thevideo portion has been shortened,and the practical time has beenincreased to ensure everyone hasenough time to gain confidence intheir skills. This class is taught to

the standards established by Amer-ican Heart Association. The work-book is not included with this class.

If you would like a workbook,please indicate on your registrationform. Cost is $10 for the book, paidto instructor.